March 5, 2022

Gray Lavender Santolina

ZONE: 6-9
HEIGHT: 18-24″
DESCRIPTION: General: Dense, rounded mound of unique, silver-white aromatic foliage and stems of clustered tiny yellow blooms. Traditional low hedge or edging plant. Drought tolerant, once established.

Culinary Uses: The leaves are used for flavoring broths, sauces, and dishes. It is an acquired taste so it should be used sparingly until you get a feel for what it can contribute to a dish.

Medicinal Uses: This can be used as a natural dye, in potpourris, as a moth repellent, and as a source of an essential oil. The leaves and flowering tops are antispasmodic, disinfectant, and stimulant. When finely ground and applied to insect stings or bites, the plant will ease the pain. Applied to surface wounds it will hasten the healing process by encouraging the formation of scar tissue.

Ornamental Uses: Fragrant, dense, mounds with attractive grayish-silver foliage. It produces small, bright yellow flowers in summer. It makes a nice groundcover or edging for walks or borders and works well at the foreground of an herb garden.


*Research all plants before use.

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