March 5, 2022

Plants That Repel Ticks

Herbs aren’t just good for culinary purporses. Some herbs repels insects. Here are a few herbs that repel those dreaded and disgusting ticks!
There are many different lavender varieties. Lavender is a perennial that has a nice smell and beautiful flowers. Beautiful flowers are just one of the great things about this plant. It also is said to repel ticks, moths, mice, the pesky black fly, mosquitoes and fleas!
Lemongrass is said to repels ticks.Lemon Grass and Lavender are great companion plants. You can eat lemongrass. Lemon Grass does have a lemon smell. Certain people think it has a slight taste of ginger and others think it has a mild lemon taste.
Caution: Every part of this plant is toxic to cats and dogs!
Most cats and dogs will instinctively leave plants alone that are toxic to them, but not all of them. So be cautious.
Geraniums (especially the variety Rose) are said to repel ticks. You can plant Rue to help keep cats out of your garden if you are worried about a cat coming in and eating the geranium. Rue is a herb that repels fleas.
Members of the mint family
Mints, Catnip and Sage are all said to help repel ticks. Another nice thing about catnip and all mint varieties is that they are safe to use around pets. These plants can be dried and spread throughout your house and in your pets’ bedding to help drive ticks and fleas out. If your pet eats some of the plant, it won’t hurt them. It’s important to remember that all mints are invasive and it is best to plant them in pots. If you plant them in the ground the spread very quickly.
*Picture credit to Silver Leaf Greenhouse